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Computer Science and Interactive Arts B.Sc graduate with 2+ years of software development experience. Proficient in full-stack web development and game development. Highly self-motivated, has developed and published 5 star rated software on Google Play and the Unity Asset Store. Positive, creative, detail-oriented, community minded, and a strong communicator.

Work experience

Software developer

Freelance, contract
Vancouver, BC
February 2019 - Present
  • Building software projects for NGX Interactive and the SFU Cognitive Science Lab
  • Projects include:
    1. Developed visually-rich multimedia touch-screen museum exhibits
    2. Built multiple iterations of a VR experiment to test new UI concepts
    3. Created tooling for lab members to use and customize VR prototypes in Unity

Full-stack web developer

SAP Canada Inc.
Vancouver, BC
May 2018 - December 2018
  • Did an 8 month internship on the SAP Jam engineering team, developing an enterprise product that serves 34 million subscribers
  • Deployed weekly to deliver features and bug fixes to customers every seven days
  • Key contributions:
    1. Eliminated a 10 hour/week manual task by building a microservice to extend Selenium Grid and automate previously unautomatable test cases
    2. Created an internal tool to alert the DevOps team when features are enabled on deployment instances, preventing confusion about the state of app deployments

Software developer

PDFTron Systems Inc.
Vancouver, BC
May 2016 - December 2016
  • Did an 8 month co-op developing a productivity web app with a React front-end and a NoSQL Firebase back-end
  • Refactored and redesigned the app's main navigational UI, used user feedback to eliminate bugs and collaborated with UX designers to improve it's usability
  • Took ownership of many front-end features, including the sign-up workflow, onboarding tour and accessiblity functionality


Programming languages: C#, Javascript, Ruby, Java, Python
Game development: Unity (coroutines, custom editor, UI, scriptable objects, unit testing), SteamVR
Web development: React, Node.js, Express, Rails, SQL, Socket.IO
Deployment + CI/CD: AWS (EC2, S3), Jenkins, Github Actions, Heroku, shell scripting
Software QA: Selenium, Watir, Mocha, Jest
Project management: Git, Jira, Agile, Scrum


Simon Fraser University

Burnaby and Surrey, BC
September 2014 -
September 2019
  • BSc. (with distinction) Computer Science - Software Systems
  • Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) minor
    • UI-UX, HCI, interaction design, 3D animation, sound design
  • CS GPA: 3.82 | GPA: 3.67


Build-A-Bot Royale

Team lead, full-stack developer
  • Leader of an open source web app + game project. Mentoring a team for the student club SFU Surge
  • Using React, Node.js, Unity and Socket.IO to build a multiplayer Jackbox style game
  • Implemented continious integration on cloud services to build and deploy the project

Experimental Noise Room

On Google Play
  • Designed and developed a creative music/audio performance mobile app with Unity
  • Took the project through entire software development lifecycle, doing prototyping, user testing, development, bug fixing, QA, publishing, maintenance and support
  • Demoed to industry professionals at Full Indie Summit 2019
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