Work experience

SFU Cognitive Science Lab

Burnaby, BC
Unity developer,
Research assistant
February 2019 - Present
  • Involved in a research lab at SFU, studying cognition in relation to games and VR
  • Built a Unity game that researchers used to study how people use different user interfaces
  • Built VR prototypes in Unity to explore ways of enhancing productivity in virtual spaces
  • Collaborated with other lab members to conceptualize new ideas for experiments and prototypes to build
  • Ran participants in a VR experiment

SAP Canada Inc.

Vancouver, BC
Full-stack web developer intern
May - December 2018
  • Worked on the development team for the SAP Jam enterprise product that serves 34 million subscribers
  • Followed a weekly deployment schedule to quickly deliver changes to customers
  • Key contributions:
    1. Initiated, designed, implemented and deployed a system to automate a 10 hour/week manual task caried out by 15 developers
    2. Created an internal tool to alert the dev-ops team when features are enabled on deployment instances, preventing confusion about the state of app deployments

PDFTron Systems Inc.

Vancouver, BC
Software developer co-op
May - December 2016
  • Developed a productivity and collaboration web app using React and Firebase
  • Refactored and redesigned the main navigational UI element, improved it with feedback from beta users and documented the systems behind it
  • Took ownership of many front-end features, was responsible for their implementation, maintenance and UX


Programming languages: C#, Javascript, Ruby, Java, Python
Game dev: Unity, HTC Vive, GameMaker Studio
Web front-end: React, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JQuery, Jekyll
Web back-end: Rails, Spark, SQL, Firebase
Mobile dev: Android Studio, IAP and ad monetization
Asset creation: Maya, FL Studio, GIMP
Other skills: Jira, Visual Studio, Agile, Git, Selenium, Google Analytics


Simon Fraser University

Burnaby and Surrey, BC
2014 - 2019
  • BSc. (with distinction) Computer Science - Software Systems
  • Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) minor
  • GPA: 3.67 | CS GPA: 3.82
  • Center for Digital Media - Capstone Project: Developed an industry sponsored VR game for the HTC Vive with a multi-disciplinary team of graduate students

Self-published software

Experimental Noise Room

App designer, Unity developer
June 2019 - Present
  • Designed and developed a music performance app about creating unusual music with tape loops, effect pedals and made-up instruments
  • Published on Google Play Store, generating revenue with ads and in-app purchases
  • More info on

3D Interactive Knobs, Sliders and Buttons

Unity asset developer
August - September 2019
  • Developed an asset package for adding versatile and customizable in-world controls to 3D scenes
  • Published on Unity Asset Store, generating revenue through paid sales
  • Available at
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