Hi, my name is Thomas Nakagawa.

I’m a software developer with a passion for programming, game design and music.

I create apps, games, Unity assets and music under the name float_oat, see my work on:

You can also find me on:

Interested in what I do? Contact me

My projects:


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    Experimental Noise Room

    Jam out in a room full of unusual musical instruments and equipment
    View site Get it on Google Play
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    3D Interactive Knobs, Sliders and Buttons

    Unity asset for addings controls to a 3D scene
    View on Unity Asset Store
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    Dragon Boat Drum Game

    A quick and simple game made for my dragon boat team SFU Shockwave
    Play on itch.io
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    Make Your Own Choose Your Own Adventure

    Android app for writing branching narratives with as many paths and endings as you want. Final project for the course IAT 359: Mobile Computing.
    View source on Github
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    Nostolgic chat app with UI, features and profiles inspired by the good ol' MSN days. Finalist at Systems Hacks 2019: HackThe90s
    View site See on Devpost View source on Github


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    A social safety app to assist travelling groups and quickly notify them if a person is missing. Winner of RightMesh sponsor prize at NWHacks 2018!
    See on Devpost View source on Github




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    Sliding game + level editor

    Slide around puzzles to reach the exit. The game and level editor were made with Gamemaker
    View source on Github